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Ibn Thabit ft. Junior - Martyrs

Ibn Thabit ft. Junior - Martyrs
Released on March 3, 2011
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Big shout-out to aimenessa10 for doing the translation for Ibn Thabit on YouTube.
*Asterisks highlight words or sections I'm not sure about. Corrections welcome!
Full Arabic and English Lyrics after the jump...

ربّي يقبل شهدائنا و ربي ينصره بلادنا
معروفين الليبيّين أحفاد الشهداء
لكن بعد اللي شاهدنا ييقولو بلاد الشهداء
دماء الشعهداء شفتوها على الشاشات
و شبابنا واقفين قدّام الرشاشات
من غير الخوف مهما كان الموت أكيد
كانو كل واحد فيهم يبي موت شهيد
مش غير بش ينتقموا من المجرم العقيد
ماهو نشوفو الشهداء كل واحد فيهم سعيد
سبحان الله ربك يرزق مايشا* بالشهادة
و صبر العباد في *بساء
بلادنا والله معبء بالتريس
و دم أولادنا والله ما رخيص

أياما ساب من دموع
أياما ساب من دماء
نهنّي الأمهات: أولادكم شهداء

نعزّيكم و نهنّيكم بما عندي كلمات
اللي ضُحِّيَ الشهيد ردّ بالكم ما تقولوا مات
تقول اللي راقدين الضحايا مبتسمين
اللي قاعدين الله يعين بالله يستعين
بربك المجيب الصبر والله جميل
الدليل موجود في وحدة السبيل
ماهو شعبنا واحد دمنا واحد
لما يضحي منّا واحد همّنا واحد
شدّوا ايدينا بعضنا قلوبنا واحد
نوقف في صفوف ضدّ عدونا - واحد
مجنون مش انسان هذا شنو تقولوله
حشك* نطفو على وجوه اللي يهتفوه
الليبي الأصلي مستحيل يدير هيكي في شعبه
هذه الدماء اللي أحرم من الكعبة
ما ننزي* الكلام على الطاغوت البليد
غير أنّ المجد ما يجي إلا من المجيد
يا الله نستعينو بك النجدة
يعبدك الليبيين في ستة الملايين سجدة
نوسّلو منك رحمة للشهداء
و نوسّلو منك توحّد و توافق هبلادنا

أياما ساب من الدموع
أياما ساب من الدماء
نهنّي الأمهات: أولادكم شهداء
May God accept our martyrs. May God make our country victorious.
Libyans are known as the grandchildren of the martyrs.
But after what we witnessed, they say it's the country of the martyrs.
The martyrs' blood - you saw it on the screens
as our youth stood in front of the machine guns
without fear, even though everywhere death was a certainty.
Each one of them wanted a martyr's death.
Not only to take revenge on the criminal colonel
but because we see the martyrs: every one of them is joyful.
Subhan Allah, God gives martyrdom with the Shahada
And He gives patience and endurance to people.
Our country is full of real men
and the blood of our children, by God, it's not cheap.

So many tears have been shed.
So much blood has been spilled.
I congratulate the mothers: your children are martyrs.

I offer my condolence and congratulation with what words I have.
The martyr who was sacrificed - don't say that he died.
Say that the victims are sleeping and smiling.
As for those who remain, may God help us and in Him we seek aid.
The Lord is responsive. Patience, by God, is beautiful.
The proof exists in [our] unity of purpose.
because our people are one. Our blood is one.
When one of us is sacrificed, our grief is one.
We link hands together. Our hearts are one.
We stand together in lines against our enemy - united!
A madman, not a human being. What do you call this guy?
Pardon me, but I spit in the faces of those who cheer for him.
It's impossible for the authentic Libyan do such things to his people.
This blood is more sacred than the Kaaba.
I'm not gonna say aything else about the idiot tyrant.
However, glory only comes from [Allah] the Glorious.
O Allah, we seek your aid, [your] assistance.
The Libyans worship you on six million prayer rugs.
We beg you to give mercy to the martyrs.
We beg you to bring unity and harmony to this country of ours.

So many tears have been shed.
So much blood has been spilled.
I congratulate the mothers: your children are martyrs.

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