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Ibn Thabit - Tripoli Calling

Ibn Thabit - Tripoli Calling
Released on March 8, 2011

Translation based off work by @ChangeInLibya and others (thanks!) on Universal Subtitles
*Asterisks highlight words or sections I'm not sure about. Corrections welcome!
Full Arabic and English Lyrics after the jump...

طرابلس طرابلس عاصمتنا تنادي فينا
الله يحفظها الله ينصر أولادها يا ربّ
مجروحة العروسة عصابة صدرية
محبوسة طرابلس إقامة جبرية
من بعيد نسمعو فيك و قلوبنا معك
صدقيني لو في إي كيف نكون بحدّك
نشوفك مليح و لو كنتي *مدرقة
يظلّ يخنقك رقبتِك زرقاء
نرقى لأعلى مكان *لنعيّط
بسبب الطاغوت وجهها تغيّرت
مش عارف بتوصل هالكلمة ليكي
نتكلّم فيكي حبيبتي نتمنّى نجيك
متألّم بسبب ألمك يا ريتني تردّي عليَّ
و تقول لي الله يسلمك
ما تجيش لي النوم في الليلة يمنعه
منحيش* ما قولتي نبيك *يا حناية
يا ريت والله والأيات الحايط مبلول
بدموعي يقولو خيره أخوي* مهبول؟
مخّي مش معي لما يكلّمو فيَّ
هي وحيدة حبيبة نقولها عربية
العاصمة الغربية من غيرها ما يصير شيء
يا ريتني نا يغير حد مش قادر ندير شيء
و هذه اللي توجع فيَّ خذي ايديَّ خذي رجليَّ
غير خلّيها هي
الصبر ليه حدود القلوب إخلاص
زيّ الرصاص اللي يضرب في الصدور أو الرأس
ان شاء الله يرأس القنّاصة اللي يرحم عليها
سليمة هي شوف ايديها
ما تعرفش الظهر* هالتحيات الحرّة
ما عرفت الهاشة* هي قصّتها مرّة
هذه على المقياس زي الذهب أو الماس
انت اللي تظلم    * فيها يحكو لي *عليش
يفشخ* فيها و يقشّر* قّدام الناس
لو بعدان يكذّب كلام الناس
الدنيا كلها تشهد كل تشوف
كل اللي تدير فيها* معروف
مستحيل *تدسّ* الدنيا شؤونها
ملايين اللي ما *يتهفرين* بعيونها
الهجمات القاتلة و القاسية
الربّ يحفظها من هالطاغية العاصية
مظبوط أنّ حكومته باطلة 
يكذّب في الكلمات *خاظلة
مش قادر نعبر على جمالها بلساني
فتزيدها إلى عبئيَّ لما نشوفها تعاني
لو كاني حنبها أيا نفرّغ صدري
شنو ذنبها و عادي اِحفِر لي قبري
صبري يتم* حاجة والله تحرق الدم
لا يجيني الجوع أو العطاش و النعس من الهمّ
شكون في الناس يفهم طرابلس تنادي؟
نحطوها هذي فوق راس بلادي
نهاية الكابوس تحرير طرابلس
احنا معكم
Tripoli...Tripoli...Our capital city is calling us.
May God Protect her. May God grant victory to her children. O Lord...
The bride is wounded - a chest wound.
Tripoli is imprisoned - house arrest.
From far away we hear you and our hearts are with you.
Believe me, if I could, I would be near you.
I see you clearly even though you're hiding.
He's still strangling you and your neck is blue.
I'm going up to the highest place to cry.
Because of the tyranny, her face has changed.
I do not know if this word will reach you.
I speak to you, my love. I wish I could come to you.
I am in pain because of your pain.
I wish you'd reply to me
and tell me, "God bless you."
Sleep doesn't come to me at night. He prevents it.
I hear you saying, "I want you here."
I wish...I swear by God and by the verses of the Quran that the wall is soaked in my tears.
They wonder, "What is wrong? What's with him? Is he mad?"
My mind isn't with me when they speak to me.
She is the only beloved - I'll say it clearly.
The western capital: without it, nothing happens.
I hope no one gets jealous. I can't control anything
and that's what hurts me. Take my hands, take my legs.
[Lord,] just keep her [safe].
Patience has its limits, the hearts [have] faithfulness.
We reached a point of no return just like the bullets that hit our chests and our heads.
May god forgive the sniper who takes pity on her.
She is peaceful! Look at her hands! She cannot harm [anyone].
_________. She has never known freedom.
__________. Her story is bitter.
You are the one who is unjust towards her.
On the scales she is worth more than gold and diamonds.
You are making her collapse while acting proud in front of the people.
And then [Gaddafi] denies what the people say.
All the world bears witness and watches.
Everything you do is known.
It is impossible to ignore these facts.
There are millions who are touched by her eyes.
Deadly and violent attacks on us.
May God protect her from this sinful tyrant.
It's true that his regime is illegitimate.
His words are all failing lies.
I can't describe her beauty with my tongue.
It adds to my burden when I see her suffer.
If I were near her, I would unburden what is on my chest.
What was her crime? Go ahead and dig my grave.
I don't have patience anymore, it burns my blood.
I no longer feel hunger, thirst or need to sleep from the sorrow.
Who among the people understands that Tripoli is calling?
Let's put her on top of my country.
The end of the nightmare is the liberation of Tripoli.
We're with you.

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