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Ramallah Underground - From the Cave

Ramallah Underground - From the Cave
رام الله تحت الأرض - من الكهف
Released in 2007

Many thanks to Chris at Arabic Song Lyrics in Translation for finding the lyrics, doing the translation, and letting me use both on my site. 

Full lyrics and translation below the jump...

بدهم يجوعوا الأهالي لأنو الناس لما يجوعو ما بوعودو يفكروا بالمقاومة

نازل العب بالموت , بدي اعرف ايش عدد الموت هون
مش سامع ولا صوت, اطفي التلفون اسأل لأنو ولا حد سائل
سواءاً سياسي أو دوبلوماسي , قاعدين ع هالكراسي وبتحدثوا
بروحوا بحوطوا روسهم و بتمددو , والبيوت في لبنان و غزة عم يتهدموا
اجا الوقت نرفع بعبوص لكل العالم لأنو راح يضلو يحكي وعمرو ما حيعمل
فئيش بدنا نضلنا نقنع و نستنا بتمنى , بس عالفاضي من زمان نسييو عنا
ساعة بتمسك حالك لما تشوف قدامك , اللي قامك واللي شالك
مش مستغرب اذا افكار جهنمية عم بدور ببالك
نازل بتنادي عالدنيا بس الدنيا نامت , وحتى اذا قامت ما حتسمع كلامك
ها! ما حتسمع كلامك
هون يوم معاك مية عليك , حواجز حواليك , كلبشات ع ايديك
قولي شو سويت , مابدي فوت بالحيط ياريت
بس انا فايت هيك هيك , حياتي عجل بسكليت
وهلأ فلت الجنزير اجا الوقت ادعس بنزين
ابدا شد ابدا مد حكيي , لكل النواحي , لأنو كلماتي سلاحي.

بدهم يجوعوا الأهالي لأنو الناس لما يجوعو ما بوعودو يفكروا بالمقاومة

واحد واحد اثنين اثنين ثلاثة ثلاثة عم يمحونا
هات لننزل عال ملاجئ قبل ما يشوفونا
بقصوفونا وين ما روحنا بس بحياتهم ما بطحونا
صامدون لأخر لحظة لصواريخكم ايصابونا
و رؤساء العرب سابونا تركونا و هربوا لعند عدونا
لأنو ما قدروا يعدونا , وعدونا بالمستقبل بس شوف لوين جابونا
 ٢٠٠٧ عالم بمشي دوغري و احنا فجرونا , جوعونا,بدهم ينسونا
قعدنا سنين نبني و اجو فجأة هيك هدونا , هددونا و خوفونا
بالديمقراطية سممونا,حتى نعيش حياة طبيعية ما خلونا
حطونا عخط النار ونسفونا دمرونا نشفولنا دمنا
كل هاد و لسا ما خلصونا من همنا.

HOOK #2 (x3)
بحاول اطنش بس السياسة بتشدني بقولها افلتي ما بدي
بتقولي انا جزء من حياتك مش حتقدر تمشي ضدي
!مش حتقدر تمشي ضدي

They want to starve the population because when the people are hungry, they no longer think of resisting.

I'm playing with death. I wanna know what the death toll is here.
I don't hear anything. Shut off the phone. Ask because no one's been asking,
whether he's a politician or a diplomat. They're sitting on these chairs and conversing.
Going and putting their heads back and relaxing while the homes in Lebanon and Gaza are being destroyed.
It's time for us to flip off the whole world because it's gonna keep talking and it will never do anything.
So what do we want? To become convinced by our deception? I wish! But it's all for nothing. They forgot about us a long time ago.
You try to hold yourself back when you see before you those who stood against you and those who arrested you.
I'm not surprised if diabolical thoughts are going through in your head.
You start to call out to the world but the world has gone to sleep - and even if it woke up, it wouldn't hear what you're saying.
Ha! It won't hear what you're saying!
Here, you win one, you lose a hundred (from يوم ليك يوم عليك). There's barriers all around you. Handcuffs are on your wrists.
Tell me: what did you do? I don't wanna hit the wall. I wish...
But I'm going on just like this. My life is a bicycle tire.
And now the chain is slipping. The time has come to hit the gas.
Start pulling! Start spreading words in every direction...because my words are my weapon!

They want to starve the population because when the people are hungry, they no longer think of resisting.

One by one, two by two, three by three, they're wiping us out.
Let's get down to the shelters before they see us.
They bombard us wherever we go, but they could never push us out
We stand strong to the final moment when your missiles hit us.
And the Arab leaders have abandoned us. They left us and fled into [the arms] of our enemy.
Because they couldn't help us, they promised us with the future - but look where they've brought us!
It's 2007 and the world walks on by as they blow us up. They starved us. They wanna make us forget.
For years, we kept building and, suddenly, they came and destroyed us. They threatened us. They frightened us.
They poisoned us with democracy. They didn't even let us live a normal life.
They put us on a fuse and detonated us. They destroyed us and wiped up our blood.
All that and they still haven't rid us of our sorrow.

HOOK #2 (x3):
I try to ignore it, but politics keeps seizing me. I tell it "Go away! I don't wanna!"
It tells me "I'm a part of your life. You cannot resist me."
"You cannot resist me!"

Barriers are all around me.
Barriers are all around me.


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