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Syria: Bayan Raqam Ithnain ("Communiqué #2") - Anonymous

Syria: Anonymous - Communiqué #2 (Bayan Raqam Ithnain
سوريا: بيان رقم اثنين ("بيان رقم اثني ٢") - مطرب مجهول
 Released on May 5, 2011

Arabic lyrics adapted from a YouTube video by FreeSyrianGuy.
Full Arabic lyrics and their English translation after the jump...

بيان رقم 2 الشعب السوري ما بينذل
بيان رقم 2 هيك ما حنضل
بأعلى صوت نقول كلنا بنحارب الطائفية
كلنا ايدة وحدة اسلام ومسيحية
مشكلتنا ياهو انه السوس منّا وفينا
مشكلتنا يا ناس ما فينا ننسى ماضينا
٣٠ سنة .. ونحن عم نمسح جوخ
مو كرمال شي بس .. كرمال ما ندوخ
الساكت عن الحقّ .. شيطان أخرس
عبارة بتخلي كل جبان يخرس
بالروح بالدم نفديك يا بشار
عبارة قديمة صار يردّدها الحمار
لا تفكّروا هلأ وعينا بس كنّا مخدّرين
بالتهديد والقمع والقتل يا مندسّين
تحية سورية للشهداء الأبرار
ياللي ضحّوا بدمهن لنعيش أحرار
طول عمرنا منعرف انه العدو اسرائيل
تاريكون ألعن منهن يا ولاد الـ..
شرّدتونا وقتلتونا وسرقتونا وفرقتونا
وحرّمتونا ومانعتونا حتى عن أبسط حقوقنا
نحن .... بعدتونا يا رامي يا مخلوف
والله لتاكل صوف مسوي حالك رجال اعمال
وأنت أكبر خروف يا ماهر يا أسد
يا زانق يا مزنوق اجا اليوم اللي فيه راح نركبك
عالخازوق نافخين عضلاتكون
عالشعب المسكين فرجوني مرجلتكون
وانزلولي عالجولان قولولي شو الفرق
بينكن وبين الامريكان تنيناتكون بس تجوعوا
بتبلشوا فتك بالإنسان إنسان
صارت كلمة للنسيان بسببكون ما عاد نعرف
كيف بدنا ننام I'm so disappointed
From the heart 'cause I'm seeing the people in Syria - they hurt
بالأحلام عيشتونا .. بالوعد سهرتونا
بكلامكون دوختونا .. بأفكاركون دمرتونا
بسياستكون كرهتونا .. بأرائكم مللتونا
بمشاريعكم فشلتونا .. وبسرقة مالنا هلكتونا
رسالة لكل شخص عايش في سوريا
رسالة لكل مواطن سوري يعشق وطنه
سوريا الله حاميها .. ومن دون بشار منبنيها
واسمها دوماً ببالي .. أنا سوري آه يا نيالي

Communiqué #2: The Syrian people will not be humiliated.
Communiqué #2: We won't remain like this.
With the loudest voice, we all say that we fight against sectarianism.
We're all united - Muslim and Christian.
Our problem is that the woodworms among us sufficed. [??]
Our problem, people, is that none of us will forget what befell us.
[After] 30 years, we're wiping the slate clean.
Don't humor anything but take care that you don't get dizzy.
Whoever is silent about the truth was silenced by Satan.
It's an expression of how you made every coward shut up.
"With our souls, with our blood, we will sacrifice ourselves for you, O Bashar!"
An ancient expression to which the jackasses respond.
Don't think that we only gained consciousness now. However, we were drugged
with threats and repression and killing, you foreign infiltrators!
Here's a Syrian greeting to the righteous martyrs,
to those who sacrificed their blood so that we may live as free people.
Our whole lives we've known that the enemy is Israel.
But you collaborate with our enemy [??], you sons of...
You expelled us and killed us and robbed us and divided us
and barred us and deprived us of the simplest of rights.
You exiled us, O Ramy Makhlouf.
I swear that you'll eat wool that you spun yourself. Businessmen!
You are the biggest sheep, O Maher [al-Assad], you "lion!"
You narrow-minded strangler, the day is coming when we will ride you.
Tough luck! You're straining all your muscles
against the poor [Syrian] people. Show me your manliness!
They kicked me out of the Golan! Tell me: what's the difference
between you and the Americans? Even your dragons are starving!
You shouldn't weaken yourself by thinking of a person [?].
It has become a word for women. Because of you, we no longer know.
How do we want to sleep? I'm so disappointed
from the heart 'cause I'm seeing the people in Syria. They hurt!
You made us live on dreams, you kept us awake with promises.
You made our heads spin with your words. You destroyed us with your ideas.
You scorned us with your politics. You wearied us with your opinions.
You failed us with your projects. You ruined us with your theft of our money.

A message to every person who lives in Syria.
A message to every Syrian citizen who loves his homeland.
Syria: may God protect her! Without Bashar, we'll build Syria [anew].
Her name is always on my mind. I am Syrian! Yeah!

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